Led by Dr. Renaud Gilbert and Dr. Pieter De Wet

Main Themes Explained:
   • Diabetes & Hypoglycemia
   • Underweight and Large Thighs                
   • Depression & Cholesterol
   • Blocked in My Relationships
   • Impact of the unknown & Future
   • The Legacy of our Ancestors
   • Alimentary & Sexual drives
   • Bulimia and Anorexia
   • Madame Fear-of-Losing-Weight
   • Fat around hips and thighs
   • Territorial Conflicts
   • Problem of Self-Esteem
   • Various fears
   • Understanding the Function of Illness
   • The Project/Purpose
   • The Illusion of choice
   • Incest and rape: some consequences
   • Drive in Anorexia
   • Repression
   • Cellulite & Double Chin   
   • Meaning and Symbolism of our Curves and Shapes 
   • Hypothalamus and the entire hormonal system
   • The Psychic System of Protection between Charm and Illusions
   • Digestion and Nutrition: every component of the digestive track
   • Illnesses of the Digestive System & emotional meaning
   • Why are there Fat and Thin People? Purpose of Fat & Tall or Short
   • Study the various conflicts behind:  overweight, bulimia, anorexia, thinness