Bringing Sexy Back: Transform the Body You Have into the Body You Want


Bringing Sexy Back is inspired from the fact that we’re dealing with an extraordinary obesity epidemic in our society—not just obesity itself, but also the way people look at themselves. There is a crisis of self-confidence that so many people have. The goal of this book is to change the way people look at themselves, whether they’re obese or not, so they can see the beauty in everything. There’s an inherent beauty in each human being that is critical for us to see if we want to overwhelm the misery that is so prevalent in our society. The issue of obesity includes not just the health implications of being overweight but the mental, emotional, social, and spiritual implications of how we look at ourselves. The title of this book is inspired by the idea that we want to look at things in a different light. We want to not just lose weight and regain health, but we want to teach people to start their process by deeply and profoundly learning to love and accept themselves. This book is about how to achieve and enjoy the body that you want, which doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to lose a lot of weight.