Pieter J. De Wet, M.D., M.D.(H), FAAFP, ABHIM

Recall Healing, Holistic Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Homeopathy, Family Practice, Chronic Disease Management

Dr. Pieter J. De Wet has been a physician since 1985. He has dedicated his professional career empowering those with health challenges and those who choose to take a more natural and holistic approach to their healing. Dr. De Wet’s motto is that “in order to heal from an illness or dysfunctional behavior, it is necessary to discover and clear it at its roots”. Dr. De Wet has had the privilege of working with and impacting the lives of thousands of people over the span of his medical career who have sought his assistance to help them heal. Dr. De Wet has always dedicated himself to uncovering and implementing the most effective, least harmful and the most cost effective healing strategies to treat patients with complex health challenges.

Recall Healing has become a critical component of Dr. De Wet’s work in combination with other cutting edge natural healing modalities. He now dedicates himself to Recall Healing facilitation, Life and Health Coaching, and teaches Recall Healing workshops.  Since 2008 he has been a student of Recall Healing studying under Gilbert Renaud, PhD, the father of Recall Healing. He has also been through comprehensive training in German New Medicine studying under Ilsedora Laker since 2015. He is a member of the Scientific Board of Recall Healing USA, and an academy professor of the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine.

Dr. De Wet graduated medical school in 1985 at the University of Pretoria in South Africa and has been a family physician since 1991 after obtaining his Board Certification in Family Medicine through the American Board of Family Medicine. Dr. De Wet completed his residency in family medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler in 1991. He pursued a career in academic medicine at UT Health Science Center starting immediately after his residency until he left there in 1997 to go into private practice. Dr. De Wet was associate professor of family medicine and associate program director of the family practice residency program at UT Health Center. He was also the founder and director of the Center for Nutrition Preventive Medicine there from 1995-1997. He has been a fellow of the American Academy of Family Practice since 1994 and completed a fellowship in Faculty Development in 1994. He is also a Diplomat of the American Board of Holistic and Integrative Medicine and has been licensed in Arizona in Homeopathic and Integrative medicine since 2007. Dr. De Wet was in private practice, practicing Integrative /Holistic / Wellness Medicine from 1997 through 2016 as the owner and medical director of QHI Wellness in Tyler, TX.

Dr. De Wet is the author of two books titled “Heal Thyself, Transform your Life, Transform Your Health” published in 2010, and “Bringing Sexy Back, Transform the Body You Have into the Body You Want” published in 2012, and has also co-authored a number of other books. Dr. De Wet was a co-host of a nationally syndicated radio program, Healthy, Wealthy & Wise from 2004 to 2012 and was host of his own Sirius XM radio program, "The Quantum Healing Hour" from 2009 to 2011. Dr. De Wet also hosted his own internationally syndicated daily internet radio show “Dr. Pieter De Wet Live” on Toginet (www.toginet.com) from 2011 through 2016.

Dr. De Wet has spent his entire career in medicine uncovering and implementing the most effective, least harmful and the most cost effective healing strategies to treat patients with complex health challenges. He currently counsels and coaches patients from all around the country and worldwide for diseases and health conditions ranging from the simplest acute illnesses to some of the most challenging chronic health challenges. He has studied with many great healers from around the world including world renowned physicians and healers famous in the integrative medicine field including Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Lee Cowden, M.D., David Steenblock, DO, Bruce Shelton, MD, Gilbert Renaud, PhD and many others. He approaches all clients holistically, and routinely addresses the physical, emotional, social, mental, environmental and spiritual issues as it relates to their overall health situation. He is determined to help his clients discover and address the root causes of their health challenges.  As a result, he is credited for achieving very good results with those committed to do the work.

In Dr. De Wet’s own words:

“Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be a doctor. My father, who was a chiropractor, was my first and most influential role model. He was a deeply dedicated and powerful healer, revered as such by thousands of patients who would travel from far and wide to have him lay hands on them to treat their painful conditions. He was very orthodox in his use of chiropractic techniques and yet had a profound impact on his patients beyond what could be explained by the manipulation techniques he employed to treat his patients. His loving spirit and compassionate care touched his patients at deeper levels, giving relief not just to their physical pain, but also to the emotional wounds associated with their ailments.

I knew I wanted to be a healer like my dad at the tender age of four years old and started medical school at age seventeen with the encouragement from my dad. He steered me toward becoming an MD so that I would have more freedom to include a wider variety of healing tools than otherwise would have been allowed. It was challenging at times to go through the indoctrination of conventional medical education with its strong aversion to the natural therapies that I had grown up with, but I eventually found my peace with it, realizing that my education in conventional medicine would not be wasted. Conventional medical training gave me a strong foundation in learning how the body works, in diagnosing disease, and in drug therapy and procedures that I still use and find helpful, especially in emergency situations. On the other hand, I was reminded every day why I could never be at peace using strictly conventional methods to treat chronic or non-life-threatening acute diseases. I saw firsthand day to day how severely skewed the treatments and disease models were that were being used in conventional medicine.

After my residency in family medicine, I stayed on as a faculty member, participating in the education of medical students and physicians in residency training. During my seven-year-long academic career at The University of Texas Health Science Center in Tyler, Texas, I was given the opportunity and the support to create and lead a new department titled the Center for Nutrition and Preventive Medicine. This allowed me to follow and teach the principles of a more holistic model of care. During my time in academic medicine, I gained an even deeper understanding of the frustrations that so many well-meaning physicians and other health care professionals have in their attempt to provide good health care, frustrations leading from the fact that conventional medicine is so focused on the management of the symptoms of disease instead of the root causes. As a matter of fact, I came to realize that every part and aspect of the system, from the control of insurance companies to the influence of drug companies to the training of physicians to the apathy of the general population and politicians, ensured the marginalization of holistic / integrative medicine.

From 1997 to 2016 I have was in private practice, where I had the privilege to follow my passion, which is to practice holistic, integrative “wellness” medicine and as of 2016 after closing my practice have steered my passion towards making a difference into health and life coaching. I am now better able to help people discover the root causes of their health problems and to assist them back to health or, at a minimum, alleviate their suffering. I am in the privileged position to be able to help people see how their health challenges may actually be blessings and not curses and how people may be able to get back in the driver’s seat to steer themselves back to health. My greatest passion is to teach and to be a coach and cheerleader to those who are open to a new, more empowering path and who are willing to take greater responsibility for their own health. My greatest hope is that our medical community, insurance industry, and politicians will be more supportive in future in a more empowering approach to health care, an approach that encourages the individual to play a more proactive role in their own healing, and an approach that supports that. If I am able to play even a small role in this awakening, I will feel greatly honored."